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Well Hello There!

Friday, 12 March 2021

So, it’s been a hot minute eh? Life and health have been, lifey.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to get out of my head. I am working on trying to get back to writing in general and writing specifically all that head stuff backlog…more on that later in other posts hopefully. 🤞🤞

For now I want to focus on some of the things I am doing for myself currently in the self care arena. I am rededicating myself to actively working on my mental health stuff and focusing a good bit how chronic pain has knocked me down. I am NOT ready to give up, I still have a lotta fight in me, I just have to reconnect to it.

Some of my current tools are:

* Listening to upbeat music.

* Allowing myself to enjoy my tea each day.

* Going outside even if I just sit on our carport.

* Playing with the fur kids.

* Going to meetings on Zoom as often as I can.

* Wearing tokens that remind me to focus on my bigger picture.

* Wearing some lip color and just going with the flow of it. (There’s a gigantic mess of gender crapola around this for me and I am looking at that but trying to not let it overwhelm the good of it.)

* Reading my mantras. The main one of which currently is:
~Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.” The warrior whispers back, “I AM the storm.”

* Reminding myself that even though my body may not be able to do the things I once did I AM still that fucking warrior and my warrior spirit is not dead.


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