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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I have sat down to write this I don’t know how many times.  Why it’s happening at the crack of dawn today I have no idea but here it is.  Three of the four house pups are rallied around me as I write.  Ok, they aren’t so much rallied as bribed by rawhide chews to keep three of the four most co-dependant dogs busy while I attempt to write.  They are the reason I was up at the ungodly hour of 5am when I didn’t have to be in the first place.  Instead of being upset about that I am attempting to see it as divine canine intervention.

I have OCD.

Or as a friend and I like to say: CDO.  Because all the letters should have been put in alphabetical order!

Unless you have OCD is really no way for me to be able to convey to you in a realistic way what it is like living with a wild brain.  Most people have this idea that if you have OCD that you are completely organized, your house, car and pets are spotless at all times, your kids all match, your partner always has everything they need going out the door and you are never late.  Um yeah, not so much for all of us gifted with OCD.

Most mornings I wake up with my brain already in high gear before I open my eyes fully, much less get a mug of tea in my hands and get the dogs out.  I will be plagued by some weird, repeating non sequitur that will not leave me alone or I have to run ABBA and the entire cast of Mama Mia out of town.  If you had any idea how many mornings I woke up with a former Secretary General of the UN’s name running through my head you would not believe me!

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