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My Ten Things in Ten Days – Day 2

Monday, 16 April 2012

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

  1. I am completely phobic about snakes…once bitten, twice shy..I don’t think teasing me about it is funny in the least.
  2. I find irresistible having my feet worked on (massage, pedicure etc.)
  3. I LOVE sushi but hate cooked fish.
  4. I strive to find more times and places of peace in my life today.
  5. I have a total soft spot for kids and animals.
  6. Love me, love my furry kids…or at least appreciate that I love them.
  7. I don’t have conventional Western ideas on death and how it should affect us.
  8. I think the bipartisan political system is horrifically broken and needs to be completely reassessed.  I also think that any candidate who starts slinging mud as a part of their campaign should be automatically cut from the race.
  9. My chosen name suits me much better than my given name ever did.
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