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Holiday Mood – Double Time!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

So I have been very excited and working on the scarf I started last night and am about halfway through!  While I was sitting with my leg propped up I was talking to a friend today about some things going on in her life.  As we were talking about things she could to do help support herself emotionally through this time I remembered a little thing I have used for years and shared it with her; trouble dolls from Guatemala.  That was when the inspiration struck me: I can make these little dolls very easily!  I have all the supplies, other than the little boxes to put them in and that I can figure out somehow.  I have already sent out e-mails, IMs and texts asking if folks have small cardboard jewelry boxes laying about that they don’t need (I can paint them and there is a ready made “home” for the dolls).

I got to thinking that in this economy and the way things are for many people these days that just about everyone could use a set of worry dolls.  I have had mine since high school I think; been so long I don’t remember any more!  Those little dolls have given me peace of mind so many times over the years and that is a priceless gift.

Some people will probably balk at them or think they are silly; that is ok.  The thing is that I take the time to put love and energy into whatever I make and that it does no harm.  Beyond that I can’t engineer how people will react and I do not want to.  I want to give to those that I care about in hopes that they enjoy it and see it for the gift that it is and not how much it cost or what store it didn’t come from.

I am really excited about this even if I only have five days to make these!

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