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Mornings with a Wild Brain

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Brain: Wakey wakey!

 Me:     *grumbles* Shut up and let me sleep!

 Brain: Come on! We have so much to do today!

 Me:     I have only had 4 hours of sleep! It’s still DARK outside for Pete’s sake! *rolls over and buries my head under the pillow*

 Brain: *starts singing repetitively* Ok, I will entertain myself then until you’re ready to get up…

 Me:     Oh for fuck sake! Shut up!

 Brain: I’m just singing, I can change the song if this one bothers you. *switches to another song and continues to sing repetitively* See? I’m thoughtful that way.

 Me:     Ok, seriously.  We go through this almost every frigging morning! Why can’t you just relax and chill out?  You wouldn’t let me get to sleep last night and now you won’t let me sleep in? Really?  You know, if you would let me sleep more you would feel more like doing all those intense brainy things you like to do!

 Brain: I already feel like doing things!  Come on, I have sung TWO songs to you already!  Doesn’t that show you that I am ready for the day?

 Me:     How can you manage to actually sound cheerful about being active this early? And NO, repetitively singing to me does NOT show me you are ready for the day.  Do something actually useful and I will reconsider.  Singing the same songs over and over doesn’t take a lot brain power there Einstein.

 Brain: Well, now that’s just rude.  See if I calculate anything on the fly for you this week!

 Me:     Huh, who knew you could actually harrumph?  Oh damn it! Now I really am wide awake!  Grrrrrr.  I hate it when you badger me long enough that I really do wake up and can’t go back to sleep!  That’s just playing dirty pool it is!

Brain:  So that means you are gonna get up and we can do something?  How about we start with e-mail, then we can grab some cereal, because you keep telling me that you need food to work, which I think is utter rubbish really because we were just fine on that one meal a day that I let you have and we were saving ever so much in groceries too, then we can do an entry for that silly blog you have started, bah…free range brain my corpus callosum…I’ll have you know I tow a very tight line and function quite right…of all the nerve…

Me:     Ok see, that’s EXACTLY what I mean….

Brain: Do hush, let’s be about the day!  You can eat while we do e-mail, then you can do a post, *sigh* my burden is so heavy with you!  Then, I think we should read some, we have 5 books going currently I am sure I can find something there that will hold my interest for a few hours, then we have to get ready for the pool party today, I tried to get you to do that last night when you say I was keeping you up but you didn’t want to, you wanted to sleep of all things!  Now, I think I shall start a list of things we are taking…

Me:     You win already, cripes!  *groans and gets out of bed*

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