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Slacker’s Mish Mash

Saturday, 24 September 2011

I have been a horrible slack the last couple of weeks about posting much less writing at all.  I have the best of intentions and then life just seems to get in the way again.   There has been a great deal going on, most of it good, but it has required me to try to find some new/old footing again.  This majority of this post will mostly be random thoughts about the last few weeks because I think that is all I can manage at this point.  I really need more disciplined around daily writing again.  I was fantabulous about it and I lost track of that skill somewhere along the way…not sure really where honestly.

*One thing that tops my list lately is driving.  I love to drive, I don’t do it as much as I used to but I have been of late been driving more.  And the thing that gets to me the most is how many plainly careless drivers there are out there. Everyone drives like they are the only ones on the road!  I swear, I will totally support the effort if they ever bring about license testing  every 3-5 years.  I think that it would make people much more aware of the traffic laws that they have probably forgotten since they tested for their license at 16.

*I admit that when I decided to return to dating again I had no idea what I was in for.  Amazingly enough I don’t have any horror stories thus far and if things continue along at this rate, I won’t.  I can’t say I am upset by that really.  lol

*Sometimes we have to let our friends fall & fail.  Being there when they are ready to get back up and try again or helping them through if we can do so without one or the other becoming co-dependent.  We build character through not only the things we do well but also through our failures.  How we handle them, how we pick ourselves up, what we learn from it are all building blocks to our character.  Sounds trite but it’s true.

*When editing software thinks it knows what I want it to do and tries to constantly second guess me I suddenly miss having a typewriter!  There was something wonderful in its own way about winding the paper into the machine and watching the words come alive on the paper before you.  And it wasn’t constantly trying to tell you that you were doing it wrong! 

*As a people we watch way too much television and spend too much time on the computer these days. Kids seem  even worse about it than the adults…they learned from example and parents using it as babysitters.  I hope this trend turns but I somehow only see it getting worse, not better.

*Being a dog/cat/pet parent is one of the greatest gifts and honors.  My furry kids are spoiled rotten  but they love me like there is no tomorrow and you just can’t beat that!

*There is something immensely satisfying about making the day of a six year old simply by spending quality time with her.  A nice tea part in the den with proper tea cookies and all was a nice way to cap off a stressful Monday.  I love when my friends let me borrow their kids!  And the kids don’t seem to mind either. lol

*Did you know that you can make pretty good french toast out of bagels if you have no sliced bread?  It actually turned out amazingly well.  Sitting on the floor eating it next to someone I have come to care deeply for made it taste even better!

*It is really okay to be happy in the moment.  I have spent years working on being present in the moment.  I am better at this than I have ever been and I still need to work on it daily.

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