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DNA Weirdness

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

            Some days I think I am supposed to be smarter than I may appear on first glance.

            So, there I am on my way home and what should pop into my brain but “Recombinant DNA”. I mean it’s the most natural thing in the world to think at length about right?  Oh, only scientists think in depth about this kind of stuff?  Well, I am not a scientist and this is the thought that got stuck in my head tonight on the way home from a meeting.  Nothing in particular that I can put my finger on triggered it.  I had three different phone calls that I caught up on the way home; none of which even remotely included anything on this subject.  In the background the whole time was my friend Recombinant DNA.

Some of you are saying “Mags, what the hell are ‘Recombinant DNA molecules’ and why do I care that your head was stuck thinking about it?”  Well, I can answer the first part for you rather easily. 

            Recombinant DNA molecules don’t occur naturally, they are from the laboratory processes of molecular cloning.  Molecular cloning brings together genetic substance from numerous resources.  This generates molecular chains that are not found in naturally occurring life forms.  If you want more than that you have access to the internet since you’re reading this.  Come on, I can’t make it too easy on you or bore the hell out of the ones who don’t care.

            This is nothing new with my head.  I never know what will pop into said cranium and that my brain will think it is worthwhile to spend hours thinking about.  Fortunately this time it was something complex and challenging on several levels.  The days I obsess for hours over rearranging a room, not so much.  I have this amazing wild brain that takes me on all kinds of fun adventures, helps me write, when it’s not got a lengthy writer’s block going on that is, and is just generally a groovy grey thing.  There are many days though that I wish I could harness more of that fabulous wild brain into doing things that I want to do and think about at length.

            I didn’t get where I am with all of this overnight and I know it won’t change overnight…though like a good citizen of our Western culture today I want it to change NOW NOW NOW!  I know this is all a process and I just have to be patient but some days being patient is just annoying. 

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