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Home again, home again!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I had no idea when I sat down tonight that I had been out of the loop here for almost 5 months!  I was thinking it had been 3 maybe…how time flies!

There has been a LOT going on in that time.  I am back to work full time finally!  And even better, I am back to work with the company that had to lay me off almost 3yrs ago.  It is amazing to be back there, working at a place I really love and having a great time doing it! It is an amazing feeling to know I will be able to pay my bills this month & not have to fret about how I am going to make ends meet.  It had been so long I had forgotten what this felt like!

I am still dating…we are coming up on a year actually very soon and it has had its ups & downs but overall I am very happy with where I am at relationship wise.  (More on that later.)

I still have the most awesome roomie and he gets more awesome every day.  I swear I wouldn’t have been able to readjust to full time+ if it hadn’t been for him picking up the slack when I come home and pass out exhausted.  This is happening less (the passing out I mean) and I am starting to really get my feet under me again.

And of course through it all I am still working out how to cope without my obsessions & compulsions.  They haven’t magically gone away or anything but I am MUCH more aware & able to spot them now which means that I have to actually work on making them go away….or at least be a lot less prevalent. 

So, I am still alive & kicking and making a commitment to starting to blog again.

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