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Hears To A Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

You guys said we should do a fund raiser when I posted last week about my hearing aids in To Hear or Not To Hear.  

A new friend found a great website for it.

With some prodding & good talking to about why I should, I was convinced that I should do it.  (Asking for help is not a major strong suit of mine.)

I am, as always, in complete awe of the amazing people in my life.  You guys are wonderful and supportive to me in so many ways that have not a damned thing to do with money & I am ever so grateful every day for each & every one of you!

People have asked me if they can share my story to help raise the money needed for the hearing aids. Yes, you may share my story as I have shared it in the posts I have made here.  I also shared a little bit about it on the page listed below.

The site set up for the fund raiser is:

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