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A Wedding Prep Uplift!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

My wedding dress and shoes arrived Thursday before we left for the ER! (Hey, at least the day wasn’t a total wash.)

The shoes fit and are really comfortable! I haven’t tried on the dress yet as I just haven’t had the spoons. I am not a shoe junkie by any means. Seriously, I wear the same pair of shoes just about day in and day out until they have to be replaced and they are usually sneakers or Birkenstocks.

Tapping Ruby SlippersBut these, oh these beauties I think I might just be totally in love with! Though the picture really doesn’t do them justice.

We have known since the day Michael asked me to marry him what he was going to wear. I have been the hold out. I am not great at the dressing girly thing. Clothes are form over function for me generally, though I do try for as close to a marriage of the two that I can get. Jeans are usually my base and the rest is about what’s clean and comfortable. I found a dress I thought I really liked but while I was trying to talk myself into spending the $100 they sold out of them. So I went for option #2 and I was glad I did because I can see myself wearing it again. Whereas the first dress, not so much.

I plan to try the dress on either tomorrow morning before appointments or Tuesday morning when Wolf can help me take pictures without Michael seeing. 😉

I still feel like there are a million things undone and not planned for, etc. etc. etc. However, the day will be what it will be and all trappings and legalities aside it will be perfect.

The magic shoes….

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