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Where in the World Was Mags?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

So, there was this wedding that happened.


Then I fell off the face of the Earth for a few weeks. I used up all of my spoons and then some getting ready for the big weekend. My body let me know exactly what it thought of all the spoon usage post wedding and I crashed and burned. It was worth every single spoon used though!

The weather was wonderful the day of the wedding. We were surrounded by many in our fabulous family of choice and couldn’t have asked for a nicer ceremony that was uniquely us. The wedding brunch the day after at Manual’s Tavern was splendid and there was so much love, laughter and joy. We are absolutely blessed in so many ways!


We were so busy taking pictures with everyone that we forgot to get some pictures of just the two of us! lol

I can’t put pictures of everyone up but here’s just a few to share some of that shining happy.

I am back mostly upright and slowly getting back on track thank goodness! 🙂


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