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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


I started this funny little thing at the end of 2017 where I would take a picture of my feet in the doctor’s office and post how I was feeling or whatever was going on. Then I started to think about how doing that was showing I was moving forward and doing things even when I didn’t necessarily feel well or didn’t have any spoons. That’s where #KeepMovingForward came from. I wanted to encourage myself to keep kicking and anyone else who needs that encouragement when they are struggling.

I use a variety of techniques to get through the tough days; music, matcha, naps, warm shower, cartoons, reading and pure bullheadedness some days. Then there are the days where I can’t get out of bed for very long. Those are the days I hold onto the wall just to be able to get to the bathroom, that I barely eat and just have to rest. Those are the days where I don’t feel like a person anymore; I am just a body that can’t work, play when it wants to or have the freedom it craves.

Chronic illness and pain saps the very life from us but continuing to plunge forward is how we make it through each day. And that’s not to say that every day is just “getting through” some days are outright sprints to the finish line where we win the race. However, for many of us we have to fight and persevere to get done what seems simple to those who don’t suffer with chronic illness and pain. Not saying that as a pity party line but simple fact. This is why I wanted to keep encouraging myself to keep kicking and moving forward.

A friend picked up on the #KeepMovingForward hashtag when I explained to her what it means to me. She said that it is a message that many folks who are struggling need to hear. Then she started posting pictures of her feet in different places with the hashtag! I got a little weepy when I saw the first picture and then I giggled. So often I know that my conditions make me feel isolated and alone. I want to connect with others who have my conditions or who have chronic illness so that we can support one another. I have joined a few sites looking to connect with others and I go to support group once a month when I feel up to it. So that moment when I saw that my quirky little project had touched something in my friend and it resonated with her was a bright star in my early morning.

Keep reaching out, keep kicking, keep supporting one another…keep moving forward!


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  1. Kathy Buechner permalink
    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 9:18 am



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