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Bullheaded Masochist, That’s Me!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Uuuuuuugh I fricking hurt!

Last night I happily helped a dear friend last night accomplish some important projects. I pushed past what I should have done because I get going and ignore my body: unwise. I loved helping out and glad we got things accomplished that they really needed done. By not listening to my body however there is always a hefty price these days. By the time I got home around 1am I could barely walk. There was a cool shower followed by  Deep Blue and pain meds before bed so that I could sleep. This morning was a super hot shower to try and wash away the pain meds grog, Deep Blue rub and a good long session with the TENS unit to get me moving again.

Because I am bullheaded and a masochist I was still determined to get done what we had originally scheduled for today. I know, I know…

However, in exchange for more massive body pain, what was formerly the dog’s/mud (literally) room – we now have a usable guest room/play room and art studio for me! I would jump up and down in excitement if I could move more than my fingers right now!

It’s about 70% done if you don’t count painting the room and the closet purge (which I am not currently). I have to finish staining the dresser to go in that room (which holds art supplies of course lol). Staining is on the docket for early tomorrow morning before the heat hits, if I am able to move that is. I wanted to get it done today but I am so far out of spoons I will be lucky to get it done tomorrow. I could probably push through and do it tonight but I am already paying for last night and today so pushing it would just be even more exceedingly stupid.

I still have to put away all my art supplies on shelves etc in the room while purging (1/3 of the closet is art supplies too). That should be fun and inspirational for projects though; at least that is what I am focusing on it being! When we finally decide on a color we will just have to do a wall at a time. I prefer to paint with an empty room but you know at this point I will take what I can get! lol

I can still do things even though I am majorly physically challenged these days and I will most likely pay for this little escapade for the next several days. The thing is, you still have to live life and get stuff done when you have chronic illness & pain. I am still learning the balance of doing it a tiny bit at a time versus kill myself for a while and get it done sooner but pay a much more massive penalty. I really have been trying to do a little bit at a time. The problem there is I feel like I get a tiny bit ahead and then a major wave comes through and I am further back than I was to start with. That’s when I reach the fed up point usually and go for broke like this.

I can definitely be a slow learner and bullheaded. Last night and today were hopefully worth it and I do feel accomplished. Tomorrow is back to working on the little steps and balance work!

But now, it is now time for a nice long shower to wash away the sweat & grime followed by more TENS unit, Deep Blue, being horizontal in the bed curled up with the kitties purring me to sleep.



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